(not so) easyubuntu for gutsy

After a recent debacle with the gf’s Toshiba Satellite A64, which according to a tech repairing the keyboard is apparently is not designed to run Linux and works much better with XP… Shenanigans! We ripped off the ‘designed for windows’ sticker and installed gutsy off alternates as it had dramas booting the regular live CD.

Then we come to easyubuntu. This was great for the previous feisty install… only problem is that gutsy is not yet ‘supported’ by easyubuntu. I don’t know why, as it only needs a few tweaks to config files to get it working.

First, we need to make some package lists for gutsy, second we need to tell easyubuntu what to do now that we’re on gutsy.

Bring up a terminal and copy this into it to create a new package list:

sudo sed s/edgy/gutsy/g /usr/lib/easyubuntu/packagelist-feisty.xml >  /usr/lib/easyubuntu/packagelist-gutsy.xml

Try this command to fix point to a working repository:

sudo sed  's!</repos>!<repo id="gutsy-plf"> \
deb http://packages.medibuntu.org/ gutsy free non-free \
</repo> \
</repos>!g' repos.xml

Sorry for the ugly commands, but I can’t upload .xml files here (if you know a better way to present it, please let me know- I’m new here).

Now you can run easyubuntu and easily install all that non-free stuff that we can’t live without.

2 comments so far

  1. Glen on

    For some reason, I get permission denied (even starting with sudo). So, I pipe the sed commands to new files in my home directory, then sudo cp to the easyubuntu lib directory. Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  2. Chilenoneto on

    If you want a really cool Gutsy with all of this stuff… burn a Mint Linux iso and feed your pc with it… awesome and already tweaked…

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